Software Development Predictions for 2021

2020 was a challenging year, but the positive side is the rapid development of technologies and IT market growth. It’s evident that the future of software development is bright, and the market will offer more companies that deliver full-cycle software development services.

With forward-thinking ideas and a combination of technologies, companies create and deliver unique value to their customers, optimize internal operations, gain a competitive advantage and improve business performance. So here are some biggest software development trends for 2021.

Cloud Storage

Pandemic has shifted many processes to remote, and there is a necessity in storing data in the cloud. The cloud is a forerunner industry that grows stronger than ever recently. No matter what industry you are in, plan to migrate to the cloud, as the whole world will sooner or later move to the cloud. In 2021 and beyond, there will be a high demand for cloud engineers.

VR, AR, and MR

No surprise these technologies will be in demand, as many processes are becoming virtual. Even the industry embraced VR technologies, bringing visitors the opportunity to visit events from anywhere. There will be more gadgets with VR, AR, and MR support in 2020. In particular, thanks to the release of more powerful smartphones: the emergence of new processors, folding screens, robust sensors, support for 5G. In the coming years, a new category of AR products will enter the market — holographic screens.

Artificial Intelligence

As one of the most popular technologies globally, AI has also made many breakthroughs in 2020. “AI for all” is a famous slogan that signifies how AI is becoming closer to all industries. AI can paint, talk, and more. In natural language processing, GPT-3 was the most significant breakthrough to come in May 2020. The American company OpenAI created GPT-3, which made it possible to develop human text using deep learning. Only four months later, the entire world was simultaneously amazed and shocked when the following Guardian article was written using GPT-3. In 2021, there will be a breakthrough in natural language processing when AI will write articles, paint, or write small programs.

Python and JavaScript

The landscape of programming languages ​​has also undergone significant changes in recent years. Traditional heavyweight programming languages ​​are losing market share in favor of simpler, developer-friendly programming languages. According to various reviews, the languages ​​in demand and ranked Python and JavaScript first and second, respectively.

Python is the number one programming language in data science and the number 2 or number 3 in almost every field other than low-level programming.

JavaScript is the undisputed number one language in web development and is becoming increasingly popular in other areas, including backend development. It is also the perfect language for beginners.

Cyber Threats

The more online activities we have, the more cyber threats we experience. Hackers will attack government networks more often. Organizations that do not have powerful cyber defense, but that valuable store data (access to state registries, databases) are becoming targets of criminals.

Cloud solutions are becoming a target for hackers. As services evolve, they are increasingly attacked by threats. Most decisions of large companies, such as Google, are automatically trusted by users, which increases the risk of being exposed to fraud.

Native apps will continue to dominate

The use of smartphones is increasing, and there are also trends in mobile app development.

There are four main areas in mobile app development:

● Native app development

● Cross-platform app development

● Hybrid app development

● Cloud-based app development

Developing your applications provides the most excellent flexibility while maximizing performance and usability. But it’s the most expensive to develop because businesses need to keep two separate teams.

Cross-platform app development is becoming more popular as almost the same codebase can be used to develop iOS and Android apps. Although the development cost is low, it is less flexible and not as productive as native applications.

Bottom line

These are the most common trends for software development, but the industry itself and its trends are hard to cover in one article. In few words, the main trends are cloud, data security, top-notch technologies like AI and VR, and native app development.