Tips for Remote Working Success

It’s becoming more and more common for businesses to offer their employees remote working opportunities. Remote working is a dream for those who love flexibility and freedom but can be daunting for those who find they work more effectively in a buzzing office.

Whether you’re currently a remote worker or are looking for a new remote role, here are some top tips to help you navigate the world of remote working. 

Routine is key

This one is essential! If you think working remotely means every day is made up of just an hour or two of work and the rest of the time is spent catching up with friends and bingeing on your favourite TV shows – you’d be sorely mistaken.

Developing a daily routine is essential when working remotely, it will enable you to maintain productivity and focus. It’s up to you to develop a schedule that works for both you and your team – and own it.

Consistent communication

Clear, and more importantly, consistent communication is key for remote work success. This doesn’t mean you need to be talking to your co-workers all day, every day, but letting them know that there is a means of getting hold of you should they need you, is important. For remote working to work from both sides, your colleagues need to know that there is a common tool for communication – to share ideas and ask questions.

There’s a number of great communication tools on the market in today’s increasingly digital age, but our favourite is Slack. You can create various channels for a range of different projects, teams and chats – you could even create channels for just general chit-chat. Tools like this help everyone to feel connected especially when you’re working remotely.

Connecting with people

While working remotely does have many benefits, you will definitely need human interaction at some point throughout your working week. It’s important to connect with people in person from time to time and work on building a community in whatever way works for you – meeting up with clients, going into the office once a week, it could even be taking the time to meet a friend or going to a gym class during your lunch break. Build a community and ensure you take the time to catch up with them regularly.

Create a workspace… and no pyjamas

It really goes without saying, but make sure you get yourself ready for the day and definitely get out of your pyjamas. It doesn’t necessarily need to be anything fancy, just something that isn’t what you wore to bed.

Along the same lines, try to create a space, where your brain knows it’s time to work, this could be in the corner of your bedroom, a separate study, a quiet café or a rented office space. Designating yourself a workspace and putting on a fresh outfit and, will do wonders for your mind and will get you out of relaxation mode and into work mode.

Mix it up

It’s great to experiment during the first few months of your new remote working life. This will help you to develop a pattern that you’ll be able to sustain over time. It’s also totally normal to revamp your routine over time. These are just a few of our tips – now you can go out there and navigate the world of remote working while experimenting with what works for you!

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