As part of our podcast, we speak with women working in all areas of tech. They share their own journeys into the tech sector, offer advice and top tips for careers tech, and discuss what we can all do to improve diversity and inclusion in the sector. If you're interested in taking part, please just drop our ChatBot a message and someone will be in touch.

Episode 9: Diversity Initiatives

In this episode we caught up with Jo Stansfield, Diversity and Inclusion in Tech Consultant, to talk about the importance of mentoring initiatives as well as what businesses can do to create a more diverse workforce in the industry. Jo highlights that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that businesses can implement in order to increase diversity in tech.

25 min listen

Episode 8: Starting A Career In Tech

In this episode we caught up with Ania Kubow, Software Engineer at Eurostar to talk about her interesting journey into a career in tech, why she believes their is a gender disparity in the industry and what initiatives businesses can implement to attract and retain female tech professionals.

11 min listen


Episode 7: Tackling the Stereotype

In this episode we caught up with Saskia Menke, Software Engineer at Doctolib, to talk about how the community can increase diversity in the industry by tackling the traditional stereotype of tech professionals as well as highlighting relatable role models.

19 min listen

Episode 6: Reducing Unconscious Bias

In this episode we chat with Giles Lindsay, Founder and CEO of Agile Delta Consulting, to talk about how businesses and the wider community can make the tech industry more inclusive to women, as well as how to reduce unconscious bias in business decisions.

23 min listen


Episode 5: Managing Team Morale

In this episode we chat with Tamara Miner, Partner Engineering Manager at Improbable, about the challenges she has faced as a woman in the tech industry. Tamara discusses the benefits of offering internships and gives her advice on how to maintain team morale when working in a remote environment.

50 min listen

Episode 4: Maintain Your Productivity

In this episode we chat with Marjana Shammi, Head of Software Engineering at Moneyou about maintaining productivity in a remote environment. Marjana discusses how to balance home life with a career in tech and offers her advice for women wanting to pursue a career in the industry.

29 min listen

Episode 3 : Key Skills In DevOps

In this episode we chat with Natalie Godec, Platform Engineer at Babylon Health about how she got into a career in the tech industry, the differences between working in a corporation as opposed to a startup business and the key skills needed to succeed in DevOps.

21 min listen

Episode 2 : Community of Trailblazers

In this episode we chat with Heather Black, Salesforce Advocate, Founder and CEO of Supermums, about the importance of the Salesforce community in improving diversity in the ecosystem, and what being a Trailblazer means to her.

21 min listen

Episode 1 : The Benefits of Mentorship

In this episode we chat with Irina Ioana Brudaru, Executive Coach/Advisor at Codette, about her experiences in the industry and the importance of mentorship in tech. Irina describes herself an enthusiastic data nerd, analyst, techie, writer and mentor. Irina has lived and worked in many countries including: Romania, Germany, USA and the Netherlands.

45 min listen