Top Tips for Navigating a Career in Tech

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or are a veteran of the tech space, we’ve listed our 4 top tips to help you navigate a career in tech.

1. Grow Your Network

Our first top tip – and perhaps the most important – is to build your network. There are so many advantages to having a strong network of tech professionals from different levels and areas of the industry.

Your network is a powerful resource, it can help you to gain access to job opportunities; research suggests that 85% of roles are filled through networking. Growing your connections will make you more noticeable in the industry, helping you to develop your professional brand. Networking is also a great way to stay up-to-date with industry news and learn from fresh perspectives.

The benefits of networking don’t only apply to your professional development, they also extend to your personal development as well. Networking allows you to meet like-minded individuals in your industry, giving you the opportunity to create personal relationships and a valuable support system.

2. Build Your Confidence

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, having confidence is key to success as a woman in tech.

Many women as part of our Women In Tech Q&A series have highlighted often being the ‘only woman in the room’. Having confidence in yourself and your abilities so that you can share your opinions and become a contributing member of the team is vital. Sharing your perspective will not only help you to advance in your career but will also enable you to design more inclusive technology.

Having confidence will enable you to not only become a successful professional in the tech space but will also help you to become an advocate for women in tech. Whether that’s through speaking at events and inspiring the next generation of female tech professionals, or by standing up to unconscious bias and inequality processes within your organisation.

3. Become a Leader

In order to be successful – in tech or any field – and take your career to the next level, you need to put yourself forward for leadership positions.

Becoming a leader of a tech team or taking on a C-Suite position will allow you to develop a whole range of skills that you can utilise in your career. Leadership skills will also help you to set clear goals for your career and for your organisation.

Taking on more responsibility within your career will further develop your personal brand and reputation. Reiterating on the point made above, becoming a leader within the tech space will also help to inspire future female tech professionals as they have a relatable role model to aspire to. Research highlights that having more women in leadership positions is also a great way to increase female engagement and retention in the industry.

4. Take Advantage of the ‘New Normal’

As a result of the pandemic many organisations are now switching to a fully or partially remote working structure.

Working from home – or from wherever you want – means that the opportunities are endless. Now may be the time to search for something new, take that risk and jump in with both feet. Working remotely can also be a great way to achieve a better work-life balance.

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