Women In Tech: Berlin 1.0


In November we travelled to Berlin to host our inaugural Women in Tech meetup. We co-hosted the event with Spark Networks at their head office in the city. The evening was amazingly well-received by the Women in Tech community in Berlin and was a great opportunity for everyone to network and share their experiences. 

We were joined by our two inspirational speakers who between them have a wealth of experience in navigating a career in tech. Ilona Fischer, Head of Infrastructure and DevOps at Spark Networks and Jannet Faiz, Engineering Manager at Scout24, are both passionate about encouraging and empowering more women to take up careers in the tech industry and share their personal experiences to help with this. 

Support is key

After some networking and a chance to get to know each other over drinks and pizza, Spark Networks very own Head of Infrastructure and DevOps, Ilona Fischer, kicked-off as the first speaker of the evening.

•  25% of computing jobs are held by women
•  There are more than 35% of women over the age of 35 still in junior positions
•  Just 5% of tech leadership positions are held by women

As part of her talk, Karen coved three key topics:

•  How to be an ally to women in tech
•  How to progress your career as a women in tech
•  How to improve equality of WIT

Finally, Karen opened the conversation to the floor inviting any questions and prompting further insights into the world of women in tech. 

Women in Tech – we’re a community

Jannet is a veteran in the world of tech and has a passion for improving the levels of women working in the tech industry. She told us all about the journey she has taken to get to where she is now as Engineering Manager at Scout24, the struggles she has faced and how the community of women working in tech can learn from one another and help improve numbers.

Keep your eyes peeled

We’d like to thank everyone who attended the event, as well as our incredible speakers Ilona and Jannet for all the insightful conversations had and experiences shared. It was a really successful first event and a great step towards creating a fantastic community for women in tech across Berlin. We already have the wheels in motion for our second event so be sure to sign up to out page to avoid missing out.

If you’re interested in speaking at our next Women in Tech Berlin event, please get in touch.