Is The Company Culture Right For You?

Company culture emulates an organisations values and attributes. Having a strong company culture is a way to engage with employees and increase their motivation. The level of company culture reflects how the organisation values its employees and whether they are considered the most valuable asset.

Alongside technical ability, one of the most important things to consider during a job search is whether the company culture within an organisation is right for you. Whilst the role might be perfect, if the values of the business are not aligned with yours this can lead to job dissatisfaction and a decrease in productivity.

We’ve listed below some essential things to consider that will help you to determine this.

Do Your Research

When considering a company’s culture, it is essential to do your research. Do the company’s values match your own?

One way to ascertain whether the company is a right fit for you is to examine staff turnover rates; are they high? If so, why are they so high? Use sites such as Glassdoor and WorkAdvisor to read reviews about the company from previous employees. Whilst these may need to be taken with a pinch of salt, they are a good indicator of how a company treats their employees.

Another way to conduct research into a company’s culture is to look at their online presence. Does their company culture shine through? What content are they posting? Do they post about their employees? These are all questions to contemplate when scrolling through their feed.

Consider the Environment

A main aspect to company culture is how the organisation is structured.

What type of environment do you work best in? Would you prefer a more independent remote working situation, or would you rather be surrounded by other members of your team and feel constantly supported?

This also correlates with what motivates you and your career ambitions. If you are looking to climb the tech leadership ladder does the company offer opportunities for development? Are there schemes in place to help you progress in your career, for example, mentoring?

During the Interview

Not only is the interview stage about proving you have the skills and experience required for the role, it is also a chance for both prospective employer and employee to gage whether they would fit into the organisation.

As part of the interview process prospective employers should mention their company culture. If their company culture is heavily ingrained into the daily running of the organisation, then it should be effortlessly mentioned throughout the interview. If a prospective employer is proud of their company culture, they should make a point of noting it to you during the interview, if otherwise not mentioned, this is where you would ask specific questions. 

During the interview is your opportunity to fact check what you have found in your research. Go deeper than a general ‘What is the company culture like?’ and dive into the nitty gritty of how employees are treated, what strategies the business has in place to promote diversity and inclusion within its practices.

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