Is Equality a Priority for Tech Firms?

A study carried out by, found that almost half of women that work in a technology centred business feel that diversity isn’t a company priority. Although they do appreciate that businesses such as theirs are increasing their gender diversity efforts, they believe there is still a long way to go before real equality is seen.

Further findings from this study show that 56% of women do believe their company is attempting to close the gender gap, at the moment this is still mostly half-hearted, which they think needs to change.

Not only should companies be acting on employing more women, they also need to invest time in nurturing their female talent. Diversity and equality are much more than just a number.

One of the most problematic findings from this study, was that women feel it’s harder for them to re-enter the technology industry after a break, and that this is actually detrimental to their career progression. They mentioned feeling that they lack support when re-entering the industry.

Gillian Tans, CEO of, commented on this study – “Women bring tremendous value that can positively impact both tech companies and the industry globally and should be part of proactive initiatives focused on inclusivity, retention and skills development.”

Overall, considering more than half of women in the industry are more than happy to get involved and help accelerate their company’s diversity drives, this should be considered more of a priority than it currently is.

What are your thoughts?

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