How to Choose a Company that Values Your Experience as a Woman In Tech

Whether you are looking for your first role in tech or are a veteran of the industry, trying to find a company that matches your personal and professional values can seem challenging.

Many of the fantastic women who have participated in our W.I.T. Republic Q&A series discuss what they think businesses can do to encourage more women into a career in the industry.

We’ve taken on board their advice and listed some key things to look out for and consider when searching for your next role, that will help you to determine which companies truly care about your experience as a woman in tech within their business.

Inclusive Work Culture

During the hiring process one of the best ways to identify whether a company values the experience of their female engineers is to look at their leadership team. Do they advocate for women in the company and promote women to senior leadership positions? Research conducted by IDC suggests that companies are more likely to offer equal pay and have a higher job satisfaction rate where 50% or their senior leadership positions are held by women.

Representation in leadership roles is key as it highlights the career progression opportunities within the company.

Ask what initiatives they have within the organisation to empower women. Is there a mentorship program available? To learn more about the benefits of mentorship, take a listen to our podcast episode with Irina Ioana Brudaru, Executive Coach/Advisor at Codette.

Flexible Working Opportunities

Does the company you are interviewing for offer flexible working opportunities?

Whilst the pandemic has highlighted the potential for working remotely, research suggests that even prior to the events of the previous year, being able to work flexibly was a high priority for women in tech. One study found that 76% of women in the industry believed that offering flexible working opportunities would make them stay with their organisation longer.

Diversity Focus

One way to ascertain whether a company is committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive environment for women in tech is to look not only at their internal processes and procedures but also their external activities. They can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

Do they attend diversity events in the industry? Are they working solely with recruitment companies who are committed to increasing the number of female software engineers in the industry?

Thinking about these three aspects when interviewing for a new role will help you to choose the right company for you.

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