Benefits of Using a Specialist Tech Recruiter

As the tech industry continues to grow, businesses are looking to harness the power of the industry in order to drive their digital transformation initiatives. This means there are many benefits of using a specialist tech recruiter when it comes to navigating your career.

But what does that mean for those professionals working in the industry?

Of course, it means there are a lot more opportunities, but it also means there’s a lot more noise. With hundreds of jobs being advertised, by numerous businesses and agencies, almost every day. The industry is becoming inundated.

So, how can you cut through the noise and find a job that will benefit your career, whilst capitalising on the industry boom? Well, we think that the answer lies in using a specialist tech recruiter.

Here are our top five reasons why choosing to work with a specialist tech recruiter can help elevate your job search, and your career.

1. Expertise

This one should be pretty obvious, but it’s not spoken about enough. Just as tech professionals spend their career becoming experts in the industry, so do specialist tech recruiters. They simply have to if they want to succeed in helping plug the skills gap in this ever-evolving industry.

As Gemma Blezard, Founder of The Architech Club put it in her Salesforce Q&A with us “Recruiters need to have the same level of commitment to the ecosystem as everyone else. The reason they’re consultants is that they match the solution to the problem. How can they do this if they don’t understand the problem?”.

Specialist recruiters are those that have fully immersed themselves in specific digital technology; they understand the nuances of what a business needs, what you do, and how you might fit into a role. Compare this to a recruiter who doesn’t have this understanding, and it’s plain to see why a specialist consultant is much more capable of matching you with that perfect role.  

2. Personalised search 

This goes hand-in-hand with the above. Having increased expertise in an industry, increases the likelihood of a recruiter being able to present you with a range of job options. All of which will be relevant to your skills, experience and requirements.

Forget being sent Developer roles when you’re in fact an Architect or being offered permanent roles when you’re a contractor. It might sound ridiculous, but with the speed at which the tech industry is evolving, situations like this aren’t unheard of.

The fact is, without expert tech knowledge, recruiters simply can’t match your needs. Specialist consultants understand the nuances of what you do. Therefore, you’re much more likely to find that you are offered relevant roles that are of genuine interest, and that will advance your career.

3. Speed

Specialist tech recruiters understand the speed at which this industry moves. They work to the fast pace of the industry. Knowing they can’t afford to be lax with how they handle their processes.

As a result of this industry understanding, a specialist recruiter will push businesses for feedback, interviews, and for commitment. Fundamentally, your process with an industry expert will be more seamless than if you work with a recruiter with no real appreciation for businesses needs.

4. Communication

There is nothing more frustrating than being approached about a role, expressing interest, and then hearing nothing further. It’s commonplace in the entire talent acquisition industry and probably one of the key irritants for any candidate. The good news? Specialist tech recruiters are working with a much smaller talent pool than generalist recruiters.

As a result of the digital skills gap, and the rising demand for tech professionals, specialist recruiters are placing more emphasis on their candidates simply because they appreciate that they are a scarce resource.

You can guarantee that you’ll be top of their list to get back in touch with as soon as there is any news. Anyone working in the tech industry knows they’re a hot commodity. So, choosing to work with people who appreciate that and pay you that extra bit of attention during your job search, is only going to benefit you.

5. Increased reach

Specialised tech recruiters are rare. As a result, they are known in their industry. Businesses frequently come to them with their hottest jobs, and they have access to clients and companies who might not even be advertising their roles themselves. Choosing to work with a specialist recruiter means you also gain access to these unique opportunities.

You’ll directly benefit from a consultants’ increased reach in the industry. They will be working on jobs they want you to fill. So, you’ll be hearing about these opportunities as soon as they hit the market.

If you want access to the best tech jobs, then a specialised recruiter is the way to go.

Whether you’re looking for a new role, or would just like to keep an eye on the market, getting in touch with a specialist recruiter can provide many career benefits.

If you’d like to find out the benefits of using a specialist recruiter, get in touch today to harness their years of experience in the tech industry and boost your job search!