Take on 2022 with Career Advice from Your Community

As part of our #WomenInTechQA series we speak to inspiring, successful women in the industry about their experiences and what needs to be done to make the industry more inclusive.

Here are some of their words of wisdom both for women navigating a career in tech and those looking to pursue a tech role.

Bendangrenla Aier, FinTech Expert

“The best advice I have received is invest in building meaningful and authentic relationships. We spend a huge part of our lives at work and so it’s important to bring your true self to work and engage with each other at a human level. The connections you make can not only enrich your experiences in your current workplace but can also lead on to unexpected opportunities in the future.”

Susan van de Ven, Engineering Manager at Miro

“Try to improve things within your circle of influence. I’ve watched people burn out trying to fix everything and getting really frustrated when they can’t.

For example, I was in a course where I was being completely ignored by the rest of my table, and the same was happening to a woman at another table. I noticed that she was annoyed and upset and normally I would be too, but I was pretty calm. I realised that I had chosen to take what I needed from the course and not spend my time on the others who were at my table asking them for better behaviour. I don’t advise others to put up with bad treatment, but I realised that by focusing my energy on them, I would lose out on the education I needed from the course. In this instance I made a conscious choice and was happier for it.

Overall, I find it’s more effective to volunteer to join or build communities within your organisation than try to improve things and put your focus on what is most important to you.”

Azadeh Haratian Nezhadi, Co-Founder of Taktify

“Be persistent in your journey, invest in your growth, you will find your way eventually. You cannot imagine how much power you have.”

Tracy Roesler, Engineering Manager – Data Platform at Scout24

“I think the most important thing is to advocate for yourself. Sure, others may do it, but you are your best ally, and I think we can forget that. It’s easy to worry about “the perception”, and “the risk”. Sure, those are certainly factors you need to consider in how you advocate for yourself. There’s a line that you have to toe, I think especially as a woman. But if you don’t have healthy boundaries for a good work-life balance, work isn’t often going to try to impose them for you. So make sure that you keep yourself a priority.”

Susan Solomon, Executive Coach for Women In Tech

“My biggest piece of advice is to be true to yourself…

If you become aware that you’re stuck or you’re not enjoying your work or feeling unfulfilled, then it’s time to make internal changes, such as developing a mindset that will support you or revamping your career path, or to make external changes, such as your position, your country of residence or even your company.”

Julie Kenny, Founder of Softly Inspired

“Being a woman in tech is an opportunity in itself because you stand out.

Build your network however many ways you can, through meetups, conferences, LinkedIn, whatever is possible for you.  You’ll find support of different kinds in each and you’ll discover new ideas and ways of working that you can bring back to your teams. I’ve found that the tech community is incredibly open and most love to share ideas so tap into that as much as you can.”

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