Strategies to Beat the Gender Pay Gap

Women in tech are not just underrepresented, they are also underpaid.

Research suggests that more women in tech are unsatisfied with their compensation than men in the industry. The average salary for those women in tech who are satisfied with their compensation being approximately $15,000 less on average than for their male counterparts.

Here are our top tips to help you beat the gender pay gap to get the salary you deserve.

Do Your Research

Before you sit down with your employer or potential employer it’s important to conduct some research.

Research what your colleagues or other people in similar positions at comparable companies are earning. Have a look at salary surveys for your specific area / role within tech. It might even be worth reaching out to your network of other women in tech.

Recruiters are also a good source of information when considering salary expectations. Experienced and specialist recruiters will have key insight into the industry and salary guidelines.

The more information you have, the more specific you can be, which will enable you to justify your expected salary.

Build Your Case

Now you have the facts on the industry it’s time to put together the case for why you deserve the salary you are asking for.

Collate evidence of how you can/do add value to the organisation, particularly within their higher level goals.

Whilst focusing on your technical performance is essential, it might also be useful to consider your personal development; highlight any particular soft skills you know will be fundamental to the role.

If you are asking for an increase in salary from the company you currently work for you could even ask your colleagues for a peer review to showcase your contribution to the team. Getting an external perspective on your performance will help to reinforce why you should be given an increase in salary.

Not only will this be beneficial in the short term, stating your case may also lead to increased responsibility within the company.

Consider Other Options

When looking to get the salary you want it is sometimes necessary to consider roles at other companies.

One study by ADP found that people who switched roles had a salary increase of 5.2% compared to those who stayed with their current company who received a 4.3% salary increase.

When considering the other options, it’s important to be certain that the salary increase of your new potential role is high enough to alleviate any potential risks with moving companies and starting a new role, an example that springs to mind: relocation!

If you are a talented tech professional looking to take your career to the next level, speak to our specialist recruiters today!

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