Engineering Manager

Software, Devops, Cloud & Data
Permanent | TypeScript,React JS,Node JS, | Berlin | Germany
  • Added - 21/09/2021
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Who is Hiring
Are you looking to shape the technical direction of a company?

This early-stage start-up are making waves in the construction industry and are looking to hire an Engineering Manager who can help bring their vision to life.

As part of this product-centric company, you will be responsible for guiding a team of motivated engineers with the implementation of new features. Working closely with senior stakeholders in the company, you will also help to design and develop the technical roadmap of the team.


What You’ll be Doing

· Lead an autonomous team of full stack developers and maintain high standards

· Maintain guidelines and the best practices for engineering topics like service architecture, data modelling and component structure

· Implement technical roadmap

· Align goals and facilitate communication between engineering teams and product design teams

· Be a part of one-on-one meetings for performance review

· Work with technology stack that is based on React and Node.js

· Use TypeScript for the whole codebase and enhance code quality and its reliability

· Use GraphQL to build APIs based on Apollo server

· Use relational database for data storage

· Work on infrastructure based on AWS cloud platform and Kubernetes

· Work with CI/CD pipelines


What You’ll Bring in This Role

· Minimum 5 years of hands-on software engineering experience

· Wide knowledge of design patterns, programming along with abstract engineering principles

· Extensive experience working with React, TypeScript and Node.js

· Leadership experience and proven kills as a leader

· Start-up mindset and hands-on attitude

· Good communication skills in English


Your Benefits

· Salary of up to 120K

· Remote work and flexible working hours based on your requirements

· Casual work environment with no bureaucracy

· Access to hardware of your choice