How to Start Reaching Your Career Goals

Giving yourself goals to reach throughout your career is a great way to concentrate on what you want to achieve. Having career goals in place can also allow you to feel focused in your tech career as they provide a clear framework.

But if you’re finding yourself thinking ‘where do I start?’ check out our advice to help you tackle that elusive career goal.

Set a Target

The first thing to do when attempting to reach a career goal is to set yourself a target. Giving yourself a deadline, and knowing what you need to do by when, will help to make planning and achieving that goal easier. Having a clear structure in place of all the steps you need to complete will also allow you to analyse whether your goal is realistic in your timeframe. There’s nothing more de-motivating than aiming for a goal that is unrealistic.

Once you’ve hit your career goal, set the next one! Making career planning a regular activity will help you to stay motivated on what you want to achieve and where you want to go in your tech career.

If you haven’t reached your career goal in the target you set, an important thing to consider is to ask for constructive feedback. If for example, you were hoping to get a promotion, make time to sit down with your manager and discuss where you can improve in order to reach your goal. Don’t give up!

Never Stop Learning

The key to professional development and reaching your career goals is to make continuous learning a habit.

The tech industry is constantly evolving, learning is fundamental to staying one step ahead of tech trends. Looking to develop your technical skills? Why not try #100DaysofCode! Focusing on deepening your soft skills? Have a browse of what courses and opportunities are available!

Expand Your Network

One of the main assets that can help you reach your career goals is your network.

The tech industry offers various different events and meet-ups that are great for networking, making connections and developing lasting relationships with like-minded professionals. With research suggesting that 80% of roles are filled through connections, your network is a resource you can’t avoid to ignore.

Our top tip: visibility is key! Engaging with people on professional networking platforms is an effective way to increase your industry connections. Check out our recent blog where we provide top tips on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile!

Something to consider when looking at your network: who could be your mentor? Whether they are internal or external to your current company, talking to someone who has been where you are before, and can offer guidance and support is invaluable to helping you reach your career goals.

No matter where you are at in your tech career, putting into practice one or all of these strategies will help you to reach your career goals and develop professionally. Let us know in the comments if you have a top tip that helps you to achieve your career goals!

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