Make the Most of Going Back to the Office

Having worked remotely over the past year going back into an office environment is a big transition, which definitely requires a mindset shift.

Whether you’re a manager or employee we’ve listed our top tips to help you make the move back to the office, either on a part or full time basis!

If we’ve missed an essential tip let us know in the comments!

Top Tips for Managers

Listen to Your Employees

The events of the past year have been unprecedented – when making the translation back in to the office whether that be on a full or part-time basis, it’s important to listen to your colleagues.

Take a survey of your employees before going back into the office to gage how everyone is feeling. Ask if there is anything in particular you can do as a manager to help make the transition easier. It could be something as simple as setting a rota so that everyone is aware of what teams are going in to the office when, or providing access to professional support should people need it.

Following this process will help you to decide how best you can support your team members when returning back to the office.

Keep Communication Clear

Whilst it took some time for everyone to get used to working in a remote setting and the communication tools and methods required to keep everyone informed on what was occurring in the company, we got there. Now it’s time to change again.

When moving back in to the office it can be a struggle to make sure that everyone is up to date on company happenings: changes in policies, team meetings etc As we transition back to working in an office environment it is essential you inform every member of your team what channels and methods will be used to communicate different information so that people are on the same page whether they are working full or part time in a hybrid workplace.

Set Expectations

To reduce the level of uncertainty around moving back into the office it’s essential for managers to set the expectations of their tech teams.
Do you have a step by step plan for working in an office environment? Share it.

Top Tips for Employees

Make a Plan

Whether you are anxious or excited about transitioning back to working in an office, having a plan is key.

Knowing your working week and what you will have to do – when you’ll be in the office, what major tasks need to be completed – will help to reduce any anxiety or stress around going back to the office. Planning things like how you’ll get to work and what you’ll wear in advance is great to help set you up for a great day!

Connect with Colleagues

Whilst virtual meetings were great to keep everyone connected during the pandemic, there was a distinct loss of the ‘water cooler moment’ when working in a remote environment.

It’s important when going back in to the office to reconnect with colleagues and talk about things other than work. Having a support bubble around you will help when going in the office as you have people you can go to for advice or support.

Consider Flexibility

Having worked remotely for the past year, many people may not want to go straight back to a full week in the office.

Consider asking your line manager for a more flexible approach to returning to work. Whilst this is dependent on the policies offered by your company, with major businesses offering a hybrid approach to work, it’s likely that your employers have taken notice of this worldwide trend and can accommodate your request.

Working flexibly will help to ease the transition back to working in an office as you won’t be doing the commute 5 days a week or working at your desk the whole day everyday.

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