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As part of our #WomenInTechQA series we speak to inspiring, successful women in the industry about their experiences and what needs to be done to make the industry more inclusive.

Hear are some of their words of wisdom both for women navigating a career in tech and those looking to pursue a tech role.

Julie Kenny, Founder of Softly Inspired

“Being a woman in tech is an opportunity in itself because you stand out.

Build your network however many ways you can, through meetups, conferences, LinkedIn, whatever is possible for you.  You’ll find support of different kinds in each and you’ll discover new ideas and ways of working that you can bring back to your teams. I’ve found that the tech community is incredibly open and most love to share ideas so tap into that as much as you can.”

Eltina Ouwehand, CTO at Atos

“My advice is go for it, just do it, don’t doubt yourself, and make sure you make mistakes because that is the best way to learn.”

Ania Kubow – Software Engineer

“Go out there and make a community for yourself. Create a space where you feel comfortable to ask questions. In software development I think there is a stigma around asking questions, where everyone feels they need to be the smartest person in the room. If you do feel uncomfortable asking a question at work, it’s nice to have that community that you’ve built, which is a safe space to ask questions. Asking questions is the only way to fast track your knowledge.”

Melissa Jurkoic, Founder of Diversify Thinking

“Ask for help.  Assume that others want to help you, but don’t assume they know you need help.”

Saskia Menke, Software Engineer at Doctolib

“I think what really got me also to the point where I am right now, is that you can always create your own path; and you should. There’s not an existing career path that you need to follow and certain steps that you need to take. You can always reinvent yourself and create your own path.”

Monica Sarbu, Founder of and

“Always be kind and humble! Software engineering requires a surprising amount of soft skills. The people that have good communication skills, that know how to listen and have empathy for their colleagues tend to have a better and more enjoyable career.”

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