5 Female Tech YouTubers to Watch

YouTube is a great way to learn more about programming, tech trends, and stay up-to-date on the latest industry news.

Here are 5 tech YouTubers you need to follow.

Mayuko Inoue (480k subscribers)

Helping people find their way through the tech industry by navigating around technology, career advice, and lifestyle.

Mayuko is one of the famous software engineer YouTubers. She is an iOS developer and also the founder of Hanko Academy. She shares her experience navigating through the tech industry. Her video content mainly focuses on tech, a career in the industry, and life as a programmer.

Tiffany — Tiff In Tech (120k subscribers)

Sharing useful tips, motivation, and stories in tech, fashion, and business.

Tiffany is a full-stack developer. She started her career in the modelling and fashion industry. Through her content she helps to ease people into what tech can offer. On the Tiff In Tech channel, you will find topics ranging from tech, to fashion, and business.

Ania Kubów (118k subscribers)

Tutorials about JavaScript, React, React-Native, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Express, GraphQL, Serverless Functions, and databases.

Ania Kubow is a software developer. She loves to teach code through building retro Games and awesome projects. She is also part of the core team at FreeCodeCamp.

You can read our full Q&A with Ania, as part of our WomenInTechQA series, here!

Bukola (234k subscribers)

Tips to break into the tech industry, programmer’s vlog, personal finance, and productivity tips.

Bukola is a software engineer in New York. She shares tips for people who are interested in joining the tech industry. There are many fun videos like “writing a Tinder bot” and “automate Spotify with YouTube.”

Masha Zvereva — Stereotype Breakers (44.8k subscribers)

Talk about a career in tech, personal growth, mental health, and the movement of women breaking stereotypes in STEM.

Masha Zvereva is a former employee at Google. This YouTube channel was previously named “Coding Blonde.” Masha Zvereva rebranded the channel to provide more powerful content with actionable items to support women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This channel has plenty of advice on careers, coding, interview tips, personal growth, and mental health.

You can read the full blog at the link below!

source: https://betterprogramming.pub/10-women-programmers-to-follow-on-youtube-e1ea3c2dee49

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