5 Female Tech Founders You Should Know

As part of the W.I.T. Republic community our mission is to not only raise awareness around what needs to be done to make the tech industry more diverse and inclusive, and provide a space for women in the industry to connect and network, we also want to highlight the inspiring women who are paving the way for the future of female tech talent.

Research suggests that only one in four start-ups have a female founder, and those with at least one female founder struggle to receive funding 87% of whom state it to be “somewhat or extremely challenging.”

Below we’ve highlighted 5 amazing women who are breaking the glass ceiling and have created innovative start-ups in the industry. These are women to watch!

Erica Brodnock

Our first female founder to watch is Erica Brodnock.

Erica is the co-founder of Kami, a parental support chatbot that utilises artificial intelligence. Her inspiration behind creating this platform? Research suggests that 73% of parents are dissatisfied with their employers support offerings, this is something that can be key to attracting and retaining female tech talent. Kami aims to solve that problem. With the start-up recently receiving a $67 grant, the platform is set to continue their growth.

Elizabeth Tweedale

One of the fundamental ways to make the tech industry more diverse and inclusive is to inspire the future generation of female tech talent. This is something that founder of Cypher Coders, the UK’s leading coding school for children, Elizabeth Tweedale, is determined to achieve.

Passionate about preparing children for a digitally driven future, Elizabeth has written 6 books and has won multiple awards for her work, including Female Entrepreneur of the Year (Clubhub 2020) and 2021 Coolest UK Female Founders in Tech (UKTech News).

Caroline Plumb OBE

Our next female founder is Caroline Plumb, CEO and founder of Fluidly.

Founded back in 2016, Fluidly helps businesses manage their cash flow using innovative software. Having one multiple awards, including being recognised by WIRED in their Top 100 European Startups as one one of ‘Hot10’ this company is making waves in the FinTech industry.

Sonya Barlow

If you looking to find the most influential women in the industry, you may have come across founder of Like Minded Females, Sonya Barlow.

Founded in 2018, Like Minded Females is a social enterprise focused on educating and providing access for women and minoritized individuals to tech, business and digital.

Sonya was highlighted by CompterWeekly as one of the Most Influential Women in Tech and has recently been recognised by LinkedIn as a Change Maker for Gender, Diversity & Inclusion.

To learn more about how Sonya started her business, check out her bestselling book: Unprepared to Entrepreneur.

Melanie Perkins

No list would be complete without the inspiring founder of design and publishing tool Canva, Melanie Perkins.

Melanie has been paving the way for female tech founders and in 2020 was featured as part of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Canva has experienced rapid growth since its launch in 2013 and is now used by many businesses and individuals across the globe to create content. Most recently, in the last five months, the platform’s value doubled and is now worth an estimated $40 billion! The secret behind her success, bringing the personal story to the business pitch.

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